Paul J. Reier, PhD

Paul J. Reier, PhD
Professor & Eminent Scholar
Anne and Oscar Lackner Professor & Eminent Scholar
Department of Neuroscience
College of Medicine

Research InterestsCenter for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation
Dr. Reier’s laboratory studies the cell biology of neurons and glia in the developing and injured peripheral and central nervous systems.

It is now recognized that the injured spinal cord has considerable potential for varying degrees of spontaneous recovery.  Dr. Reier’s studies focus on therapeutic strategies that can enhance such self-repair.  Current translational emphasis is on cervical spinal cord injury, respiratory neuroplasticity, pharmacological modulation of inhibitory molecular influences on axonal growth, and cellular replacement therapies.  These studies are pre-clinical by design, and the overall goal is to obtain proof of concept along with safety and efficacy data required for future clinical trials.

Degrees and Training

  • PhD (Anatomy), Case-Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (Reproductive Biology/Neuro-Endocrinology), Case-Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH